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CCTV Training Course is an essential qualification for those working or seeking work as a CCTV Operator in the private security industry. The qualification is a pre requisite under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act (2001) for individuals working as CCTV Operators in the private security industry to get a licence from the Security Industry Authority.


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SIA CCTV Operator Training Course

The CCTV Operator course is the perfect course for progressing your career in the Private Security Industry. The course prepares you to work in a huge variety of roles Like CCTV Operative, Security Supervisor and various management positions.


The SIA CCTV pss training course leading to a level 2 award in CCTV Pss operations is a fairly simple qualification designed at level 2. Level 2 means that it is an entry level course and the majority of the learners would qualify and pass the CCTV training exam in the first attempt.

CCTV Operators usually work in control rooms where camera footage from offices, shops or public spaces are displayed. Using the equipment, it is the CCTV Operator’s responsibility to keep people and property safe by actively monitoring public areas, tracking individuals and identifying risk. Employers include security companies, local councils and corporations.

Do I need an SIA Licence?

Questions about when a CCTV Licence is required are very common. In short, if any licensable activities of a CCTV Operative, or Public Space Surveillance Operative, are carried out, then a licence is required.

These activities include:

  • Actively monitoring the activities of a member of the public.
  • Using CCTV equipment (such as cameras) to identify (focus or track or look for) a particular individual.
  • Review recorded footage through CCTV equipment to identify individuals or to investigate the actions of individuals.

Course Features

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90% Plus success rate

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Age requirement

18+ years


2 multiple choice exams and a practical assessment.

Door Supervisor Course Core Units

Unit 1: Principles of Working in the Private Security Industry

  1. Know the main characteristics and purposes of the Private Security Industry
  2. Understand legislation as it applies to a security operative
  3. Understand arrest procedures relevant to security operatives
  4. Understand the importance of safe working practices
  5. Understand fire procedures in the workplace
  6. Understand emergencies and the importance of emergency procedures
  7. Understand how to communicate effectively as a security operative
  8. Understand record keeping relevant to the role of the security operative
  9. Understand terror threats and the role of the security operative in the event of a threat
  10. Understand how to keep vulnerable people safe
  11. Understand good practice for post incident management

Unit 2: Principles and Practices of working as a CCTV operator in the private security industry

  1. Understand the purpose of a surveillance (CCTV) systems and the roles and responsibilities of control room team and other stakeholders.
  2. Understand the different types of legislation and how they impact on Public Space Surveillance (CCTV) operations.
  3. Understand the importance of operational procedures in public space surveillance (CCTV) operations.
  4. Understand how public space surveillance (CCTV) systems equipment operates.
  5. Understand Surveillance techniques
  6. Understand different types of incidents and how to respond to them
  7. Understand health and safety in the CCTV environment.
  8. Demonstrate operational use of CCTV equipment
  9. Produce evidential documentation

Unit 3: Practical Operation of CCTV Equipment within the Private Security Industry

  • Understand how to use CCTV equipment
  • Be able to operate the CCTV system


To be eligible for SIA CCTV Licence, or Public Space Surveillance Licence, you need to have successfully completed the CCTV Operator Training Course and obtained the linked qualification: Level 2 Qualification in CCTV Operations (PSS).

When would I get my CCTV certificate?

After the CCTV training, you will be examined on the last day of training, if it is not an online exam your training provider will send you CCTV course paperwork to the awarding body concerned. Once the awarding body receives the paperwork it usually takes five working days for you to learn about your results. The certificate is usually available in ten working days.

Do I need any documents to do the SIA CCTV Pss Training?

Not only with the CCTV qualification in fact for sia linked security qualifications you would be required to have certain documentation. This approved list of documents have been divided in group A and Group B ids. If you have two documents from group A you do not require any other document, however, if you do not have two group A id you would then require at least one group A ID and two ids from group B.

More about CCTV Operator training course

CCTV Training Public Space Surveillance (PSS)

The regulatory authority in the United Kingdom as regards to private security is SIA (Security Industry Authority). The SIA has which works as a part of the home office has outlined that certain activities as regards to private security shall be termed as licensable. CCTV PSS is also a licensable activity meaning by that if you want to work as a CCTV operator you shall be required to take a licence from SIA.

What does CCTV PSS mean?

CCTV as most of you know is close circuit television, why do we call it close circuit is because the transmissions are not being broadcasted over the open media and access to those transmissions is limited to authorized personals. PSS is abbreviated for Public Space Surveillance meaning by that if you want to view and record the imagery of the members of public you are supposed to have a license by SIA.

What is included in the CCTV PSS Training Course?

The CCTV PSS operator training course is comprised of the following modules

  • Common Security Module (Working in the private security industry)
  • Working as a CCTV operator
  • Practical handling of CCTV equipment

CCTV Operator role

To carry out jobs as per requirements laid down by the terms and conditions of the contract. Typical roles of a CCTV operator would include:

  • Remaining vigilant throughout CCTV operators shift
  • Maintaining security
  • Daily check CCTV equipment
  • Correct operation of CCTV system
  • Incident reporting
  • Handling of evidence

The job of a CCTV operator is much more responsibility than a normal security guard, cause he looking at a number of CCTV cameras and analysing the situations at different locations. He is the one who would be directing the field security operators to scenes where attention is required. A CCTV operator must be very knowledgeable as regards to the law that governs his sphere of responsibility especially the data protection act, a good source of information is available on the information commissioner’s website

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When would I get my CCTV certificate?

After the exams, the training provider will send your paperwork to the award, ng body if it is not an online exam. The paper work is usually processed by the awarding body in five working days.

When can I apply for my CCTV licence?

Once your training provider has told you that you have qualified the training and you have passed the course. Ask your training provider if you details have been uploaded to the SIA. If he confirms that the details have been uploaded to SIA at that point you can apply for your SIA CCTV licence. Normally SIA would take around twenty five working days if it is your first licence and you would be required to send your original documents

What if I fail the CCTV exam?

The CCTV training leading to the qualification is modular based meaning by that if you fail a single module you do not need to take the entire course again. You would be required to come and sit the exam for only that module.

CCTV qualification difficult or easy?

The SIA CCTV pss training course leading to a level 2 award in CCTV Pss operations is a fairly simple qualification designed at level 2. Level 2 means that it is an entry level course and the majority of the learners would qualify and pass the CCTV training exam in the first attempt.

How can I book the CCTV course?

You can book the course online from our website or contact us on the given Phone Numbers.

Where are the CCTV courses for SIA conducted?

The CCTV Pss training for SIA license can be conducted at any venue your or ours until it meets the compliance and regulatory requirements of the regulator and the awarding organizations. In London we conduct CCTV pss training for SIA cctv licence across various venues, which include cctv training in Ilford, barking, Romford, Stratford, forestage, Essex, Walthamstow, hays, Hounslow, Southall, Kingston, city of Westminster, Wembley etc.

How much I can earn?

After completing Door Supervisor course you can earn from £10-14 per hour.